At FUZION we have very intelligent patients who know to leave the injectables to the professionals. And why shouldn’t they?

We feel education is the most important part of what we do here at FUZION. Educating others is what makes us experts—educating you is what makes us responsible. Our patients are truly part of the aesthetic team at FUZION.

Unfortunately, some people think that aesthetics, skin care (chemical peels in particular) and injectables are at-home projects. We’ve seen patients who have ordered medical grade products such as BOTOX, Juvederm and high percentage chemical peeling agents over the internet. Yes, you really can buy anything over the internet.

It’s important to draw attention to this practice because we’ve seen some poor souls who have caused permanent damage to their beautiful faces. In some instances we’re able to immediately reverse the damage, like with Hyalouronic Acid fillers (Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm & Belotero), in other instances time will heal most wounds, like with BOTOX, Xeomin or Dysport.

In the worst cases, we’ve seen permanent damage done with high percentage chemicals that can never be repaired. We recognize that sometimes there can be bad outcomes, even in the most professional hands, but by finding an expert with an artistic eye you won’t be alone.

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At FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique, we work closely with you to understand what you want—and need—to feel most comfortable about your image. FUZION takes the time to understand what each client is looking for, create a customized plan and then carefully balance science and art to help you feel spectacular and confident.

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